Kroger Direct Mailers


Template Organization
Project Management
Production Setup


A collection of templates in which various aspects are available for customization to suit the order specifications that each Kroger Store and or Division has submitted through the portal. The templates themselves, provided by Kroger, are divided into separate categories based on purpose, and would be rotated out of regular use when newly re-designed ones were sent to us. New templates we did receive, I would check them over to ensure they were ready for all the customization options and if necessary edit them accordingly.

With so many aspects of the templated being customizable, the order process was broken into two, Creative and Data. The Creative Order, are where aspects like division name, division logo, return address, banner name, number of coupons, map area, store address, and store manager/division president are added.

After, the Creative Order was approved it would then enter the Data stage where the Post Office paperwork, coupon content, coupon barcode, address block, and final production setup would be submitted and completed.