Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission Mailers


2 Color Process


A 3-part direct mailing who's aim is to elicits donations so it can continue to provide its normal services—food, shelter, and spiritual guidance to the homeless. This letter in particular requested the donor’s help to either purchase, sponsor, or host a food drive to contribute to this year’s Thanksgiving menu. 

While the client provided packaged InDesign files for all pieces, I had to ensure that they were ready to be printed; organize the layers, assets be correct color mode, and ensure color selection was correct across all pieces.

Unlike the No9 and No10 envelopes, the letter was to be printed part on Press and part digitally. Which means extra attention to detail needed to be taken in the beginning of the proofing process to ensure everything gets printed correctly. Named InDesign layers are a girls best friend.

While any project being printed on the Press requires more attention to detail, color specs aside outline the text to ensure its printed